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So, How's Your 2017 Going?

Lots of us will have made New Year Resolutions at the start of the year, and research shows that most have fallen by the wayside by the third week in January. By the third week in March they’re a distant memory, the motivational ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on Facebook have faded away and we’re back doing what we’ve always done.

It’s not too late to make meaningful changes though. Remember the old proverb: ‘the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second-best time is today’.

I think the important thing is to recognise what changes do you want to make. What’s meaningful for you? What’s important to you? Why?? Take the time to work out what you want to focus on and pull out the positive reasons why; always focus on the positives where you can. ‘I want to lose weight’ concentrates on losing something, which (perhaps on a subconscious level) makes it much harder to engage in – and fully commit to. Concentrate instead on what you could gain, and what it means for you – being fitter, able to play sport with the kids, walk home from the shops, whatever is important to you. Be specific too – for example, what does ‘being fitter’ mean to you?? Find your ‘why’, use that to identify ‘what’ you want to change, and make it happen.

Change isn’t easy though, particularly big changes to habits that may have been formed over years. Keep thinking about your reasons why and what those positive changes mean for you, and then think about the steps that will take you there. Small steps are easier to make and will get you moving in the right direction; recognise the progress you make, celebrate it and make more.

Focus first on ‘Why’ – positive reasons!

‘Why’ informs ‘What’

Small steps work – progress is more important than pace

Ask for help (whatever you want to achieve, a coach can help!)

Plant your tree!

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