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LinkedIn v Facebook

I’ve seen more and more posts and comments on LinkedIn recently complaining that the site is becoming too much like Facebook and they’re seeing too many non-business related posts taking up space on their timeline. Some people are even talking about deleting or blocking contacts they see as being guilty of this ‘offence’.

Calm down folks!

Remember what LinkedIn is all about, what it’s for – it’s a networking site. You can look at it as a recruitment tool, a sales or marketing tool, a place to share ideas and industry news or to find inspiration, or maybe even a platform for shameless self-promotion; whatever it is, it’s still a networking site. A huge part of the value in your LinkedIn presence comes from who you know on the site, who you’re connected to. And who they’re connected to. And so on… LinkedIn is about being able to find – and engage with – the ‘right’ people - be that potential clients, employers, candidates, service providers etc.. And of course it’s also about you being able to be found by these people.

If you reduce your network then you reduce the value.

Yes, some posts will be frustrating or annoying, or simply not relevant to you, but you don’t need to read them – scroll past, move on! Like with most things in life you’ve got a choice here. Choose your attitude, choose your approach, choose how you use LinkedIn and how you make it work for you; but don’t choose to make it a less valuable resource!


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