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Choosing the right people to work with for your business can be a daunting task – how do you make sure they understand your business, your market, your team?  You don’t want off-the-shelf training; you want tailored consultancy and support that works with you, for you.  That’s why your first conversation with Twin Law is a no strings, no fee discussion.  We want to take the time to understand your business and understand what you’re looking for and want to achieve – only then can we put together a proposal for your approval.

Ours is a true consultancy based approach, which is why it’s difficult to make lists of things like courses that we offer - our clients are all different, so our approach is different each time too.  The main themes and topics are outlined below.   



Sales is a team sport.  It often looks like it might be played by individual sales people or business leaders, but the most successful organisations are 'as one' - everyone pulling together in the same direction at the same time is hugely powerful.

Successful teams are motivated teams - we can deliver sessions to individual teams (sales teams or otherwise), or to the whole organisation (probably split over a number of sessions!) to help you develop a real team mentality and harness the power of teamwork.  The total is always greater than the sum of it's parts!

Leading Sales Teams

Being a sales team leader can be a difficult job.  It’s common to see sales people and BDMs promoted into team leader and Head of Sales roles, but getting the best out of the team doesn’t necessarily come easily.  Being a great sales person doesn’t automatically translate to being a great sales leader.

We can help sales managers become great sales leaders, creating enthusiastic, competent and motivated teams.  We can help you develop and deliver training yourself, absolutely ensuring that the content is custom-made and at the same time strengthening your bond with the team and adding to the value that you bring to the business.

Twin Law founder Stewart is proud to have recommendations from previous team members like those below, and would love to help you build the same sentiments in your teams.

"Stewart ... was one of the best managers I have ever had in all of my working life. ... He gave me the courage to do things I was nervous about doing but was always there to help me along the way. I learned an awful lot from him."

"An astute forward thinker with a most concise and structured approach to Business Development, whilst always encouraging innovation.  Stewart ... quickly fostered an excellent team spirit, co-operation, and work ethic between my colleagues and I."

"A natural leader with sound coaching and developing skills."


A coaching style is central to how Twin Law approaches working with our clients, whether that's in a collaborative, workshop approach to training or in a longer programme of working with individuals or teams.   The question is still often asked though, 'what is coaching'?  


Coaching is about working with people to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.  A good coach will help you stay motivated, stay focussed, overcome limitations and acheive your aims faster.

Companies that invest in training can expect to see productivity increase and results improve, but when combined with an effective coaching programme statistics show that productivity can increase by over 80% (US Bureau of Justice, 2001).  Fortune Magazine has reported a conservative return of around six times the cost of coaching.  That's a great ROI, and business is all about ROI, whether it's a return on time or money invested effective coaching can help you maximise that return.

Culture & Character


Does your organisation have a 'culture'?  Can you articulate your firm's 'character'?  

If you can, is it what you'd like it to be, honestly?


Is it important??

If teamwork is central to success, then culture and character are the foundations that successful teams are built on.  We can help you develop your company values so that everybody is aligned, bought in and committed to your success.

Panel Managment

Developed by drawing on a long background in field based B2B sales, our core principles of panel and territory management apply equally to office based teams or direct to consumer sales.

We can share techniques and tools to ensure you're spending time in the right areas and with the right people to maximise returns.


Identifying and connecting with the right people is fundamental to any sales effort.

Whether it's taking the time to really know your customer, harnessing the power of referrals, or learning to use tools like LinkedIn effectively, we can help you see the people that matter to you.


Lots has been written about the difference between a 'manager' or 'boss' and a 'leader'.  Essentially it comes down to great leaders inspiring their team to follow them, rather than a boss compelling a team to do as they say.  We like the saying that a manager can light a fire under somebody, while a leader lights a fire inside somebody!

Leadership is about influence - creating teams that accept and respect your influence.  There are many books and theories on 'leadership' - we bring together some of the best, along with our own thinking, to help you develop your own successful approach.


Whether in a leadership context or as part of successful selling strategies, the ability to influence others is central to what we do. 

Our sessions draw on principles of behavioural economics, sales psychology, the power of language (right down to the words to use and when to use them) and how people think and make decisions to help you maximise your ability to influence others.

Presentation Skills

The ability to effectively get your message across, regardless of medium or method, is a core skill for every sales person. 


Whether it's delivering a presentation in the traditional sense, standing up in front of an audience and showing slides, or it's about how you present yourself and your proposition more generally, we can help you make sure you always make an impact.

Getting to YES

Engaging with the customer and moving them towards 'YES' is the primary job of every sales person.  

We look at the power of storytelling and popular methodologies around objection handling and negotiating, through to closing techniques, to get you closer to 'YES'.

Contact us to discuss your needs and let us create the ideal programme to support you and your business.

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