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The Twin Law Story

Twin Law was established by Stewart Dick to help businesses maximise the potential that their staff offer.  Organisations with well trained and motivated teams are successful businesses that grow their bottom line, and that's what it's all about.

Stewart explains what led him to set the business up:

Stewart Dick, Trainer and Coach

“After graduating from university I entered the world of financial services and have spent my career there ever since, ranging from the pensions, retirement and investments industries right through to the debt management and insolvency markets.  While originally working in administrative and technical areas, leading teams and providing guidance on complex issues, I've spent the decade plus in sales and business development roles, building and leading successful teams to bring in more revenue.


I spent some time thinking about the aspects of the sales leadership roles that I most enjoyed, and it came down to two things:

The feeling that comes from winning a new client or closing a deal is something that every sales person or business leader will recognise, and it's certainly something that I take great satisfaction from.

More than that though, training, coaching and mentoring a team, or individual, and seeing them succeed and perform at a higher level than they thought possible is something that I thoroughly enjoy, and is ultimately what led to the formation of Twin Law."

The sales training and consultancy industry can be a bewildering one, and the same is true of the coaching world.   There are any number of different organisations promoting any number of different philosophies and theories – there are hundreds of books to read, conferences and presentations to attend and experts to listen to…… 


Twin Law uses Stewart's own experience of leading teams and developing training and coaching strategies, and draws on the best and most powerful techniques that he's picked up over years of scouring the industry for best practice in improving performance, building better teams and growing business.  


Choosing the right people to work with can be a daunting task – how do you make sure they understand you, your business, your market, your team?  You don’t want off-the-shelf training; you want tailored consultancy and support that works with you, for you.  That’s why your first conversation with Twin Law is a no strings, no fee discussion.  We want to take the time to understand your business and understand what you’re looking for and want to achieve – only then can we put together a proposal for your approval.

Memberships etc.

Stewart has a long background in Financial Services and retains strong links to the sector, which is why its important to him to maintain his membership of the Personal Finance Society.  He also holds the Diploma in Financial Planning conferred by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

As you'd expect from an organisation like Twin Law, continuing professional development is something we view as very important.  That's why as well as training and coaching others to help with their CPD, Stewart is also a student of The Coaching Academy, the largest organisation of it's kind in the world.  As Covey reminds us, it's important to keep sharpening the saw!

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