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​​Twin Law provides business development consultancy, sales training and coaching services.
We share techniques and strategies to help you improve results and achieve your goals.

Twin Law is based in the small town of Lauder in the beautiful Scottish Borders, not far from Edinburgh and well placed to support businesses across Scotland and the north of England. 

The name ‘Twin Law’ comes from Twin Law hill, a peak high up in the Lammermuirs above Lauder where two stone cairns stand at the summit, but the name also refers our sales training roots and the fact that our approach to business development is based on two overriding principles, our Twin Laws:



Sales is a team sport.  It may look like it’s played by individuals, but successful organisations recognise that everyone is a sales person.  Forging a strong team mentality is central to what we do at Twin Law, remembering that successful teams are motivated teams.


Sales is straightforward… but not easy.

At least the core principles and processes are straightforward, once you’ve navigated the plethora of different approaches.  Success comes from high quality direction, support and leadership, and motivated teams.


You can choose your success.  Twin Law can give you tools and strategies but it’s up to you and your teams to get out there and do it and make it happen.  Choose your attitude and earn the results.


Two overriding principles…??

First tip – always aim to under promise and over deliver!!

Coaching and Training helps you acheive your goals

Whatever your goal, good coaching and training can help you reach it

Twin Law Consulting

On top of the world with the

Twin Law Cairns

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